Information for Users, Patients, Providers and Enterprise Customers We are an online Telemedicine service offering a convenient platform for patients, providers and enterprise customers to access healthcare related information, exchange information and services utilizing our proprietary cloud based platform. ClickAClinic and Powered by ClickAClinic Telehealth and Telemedicine services and platform are not a general insurance plan, health insurance plan or health insurance product. ClickAClinic.com, Inc., in the state of Florida only, is an AHCA licensed medical facility offering medical consultations by medical providers from time to time. Depending on which service you require or register for, will determine which if any of the following information applies to you. Please see more information on this topic on our website under Enterprise Customer. Our platforms, ClickAClinic and Powered by ClickAClinic are an internet-based Telemedicine Platform that allows users and consumers to select and interact with independent and/or employed medical providers and our network of physicians, nurses, therapists and a range of other healthcare providers. Our providers and software platforms are not intended to address emergency or life-threatening medical conditions, and should never be used in those circumstances. If you are experiencing an emergency or life threatening condition that may or may not require immediate medical or mental health attention, then please dial 911 or proceed to your local emergency room for evaluation and care. ClickAClinic services and providers may not be available at all locations and times. Patients and Providers are responsible for payment of health care services, and payment for services is due before or at the time of service, unless prior arrangements have been made with a ClickAClinic Customer Care Representative (CCR) or a Technical Support Representative (TSR), or if there is an Enterprise Customer Agreement in place prior to services being rendered. Any discounted pricing, discount codes and related revisions of charges for services rendered applies only to the current healthcare visit scheduled, unless prior authorizations or permission has been granted by a ClickAClinic CCR or TSR representative. We reserve the right without prior notice to change, amend charges, amend or change fee schedules and all related fees at our own discretion, and without prior user approval. Refunds for missed or late arriving patient or provider appointments are not provided or supported unless approved by a ClickAClinic CCR or TSR representative. You may contact a ClickAClinic CCR or TSR and Customer Support here at 1-800 – drclick or by email at SUPPORT@CLICKACLINIC.COM. Medication and related e-scripting performed or ordered through the ClickAClinic Telemedicine platform or through a ClickAClinic direct Florida provider are not a covered service, and charges will be due and payable by the patient or provider, unless prior health insurance payment arrangements have been made by a ClickAClinic CCR or TSR representative. We do not cover or pay for pharmacy charges. Services provided by or using the ClickAClinic Telemedicine platform are not submitted to any private or public health insurance/health plan company for payment on your behalf unless prior arrangements and approvals have been made with a ClickAClinic CCR or TSR representative. No controlled substances may be prescribed by your provider unless they have been cleared and approved to use our online Hospital Enterprise scripting platform, for scheduled medications. Scheduled medications are not provided by any ClickAClinic contracted Medical Providers on our platform or employed by us, and may not be allowed in your state of residence. If you feel that you have been over billed or charged for services that should be paid for Medicare or if someone billed Medicaid for services that were not provided contact the Bureau of Medicaid Program Integrity