The Powered By ClickAClinic Platform

Powered by ClickAClinic is an innovative, cloud-based software platform that enables health care providers to expand the reach of their provider networks, by ensuring seamless and secure virtual collaboration between patients, medical professionals and plan administrators via voice, video, email and mobile devices. You can choose to be part of ClickAClinic’s growing list of providers and receive compensation for each visit or differentiate your practice. We’re there every step of the way to help you setup your own telehealth provider solution.

Our secure, cloud based HIPAA compliant platform shares the information between patients, physicians, pharmacies and when required, laboratories. Stored on a Cloud server with a highly secure firewall and monitored 24/7, ClickAClinic maintains the privacy and security of each unique instance of our technology.

  • ClickAClinic is ready for you to use 24 hours a day from anywhere you have a broadband connection
  • Group Appointments can be made to enhance family therapy and provide established group therapy sessions after patients leave the care of the facility
  • Integrated health management is provided through secure ClickAClinic Electronic Medical Records database software.
  • Patients can access care that fits their lifestyle and allows them to meet with their provider regardless of time or mobility.
  • We constantly research and develop new innovations to improve the Telehealth market, and provide leading edge solutions for our users.
  • Lower overhead costs than in-office visits or urgent care consultations.
  • Increased monitoring and communication capabilities for patients that need more oversight.
  • Tested to be reimbursable by medical, mental health, and behavioral health┬áconsultations and services.

Dynamic Scheduling

Appointments can be made by you, your staff, or by patients. You have complete control over your calendar and provider availability. Our Telehealth portal allows you to receive updates in real time when appointments are made.


Start Appointments With Just 2 Clicks

Robust software doesn’t need to be complicated to use. We make our unique Telehealth experience accessible for patients and providers, while integrating the features you need to provide the highest quality of care.