ClickAClinic is a revolutionary portal that allows you to receive a wide range of non-emergency medical care from the comfort of your own home. No more waiting in lines at the doctor’s office, lost appointments, or incorrect prescriptions. You can receive your prescription through a video conference with a licensed physician with the click of a mouse. Our goal is to provide convenience and affordability for anyone in need of fast and accessible medical services.

With ClickAClinic, you have the control to set an appointment with a provider that fits your schedule. Enrollment in our innovative service does not cost you a penny, and the price of a video consultation is comparable to a standard co-pay at a doctor’s office. Payment for your visit can be made conveniently through our online portal that is encrypted with the latest security protection, keeping all of your personal information safe and private.

Our proprietary telehealth platform was built in-house by our development team and is the first of its kind. This unique model allows you to calmly discuss your medical concerns with your health care provider without the pressure of a constrained visit. In addition to addressing your physical health, our telehealth model offers a wide range of services including psychiatric therapy and counseling. With ClickAClinic, we have paved the path to the future of medicine that is convenient and affordable.

Enroll in our service today and you can begin scheduling your video appointment in a few minutes.

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