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By Providing Outsourced Medical and Psychiatric /Behavioral Virtually

ClickAClinic medical services are an innovative way to reduce overhead and increase efficiency by utilizing our providers for your patients. Our Medical Services team works with your organization to create a plan that is unique to your needs. We select the provider that fits your practice or facility, while working with your staff to facilitate telemedicine appointments. Our medical and behavioral health specialists are licensed, certified, and provide a high level of care.

Using our Powered By ClickAClinic Telehealth platform, each facility can manage and schedule their patients and documents in our fully HIPAA compliant Telehealth solution. We create a unique Portal for your organization that is only used by you and your patients. Since we are also a Software company, you can be assured that our proprietary technology is always evolving to meet your needs.

Our team of specialists are on hand to assist your staff in using our Telemedicine platform, and providing a higher standard of care to your patients each and every day.

Government & Managing Entities

Remote or underserved areas and populations can easily get access to the care and services they need empowering you with 100% UTILIZATION. Since we charge per appointment type, you only pay for the exact time spent treating patients.
*Fees may be negotiable prior to contract inception

Mental Health Facilities

Cover remote or understaffed locations to provide immediate or continuing care, while reducing overhead dramatically. Reduce overhead, HR expenses, transportation costs and more while providing the highest standards of care

Treatment Centers

Initial psych evaluations, med management visits along with the ability to monitor out of state patients, which can be integrated into your existing program. Our
experienced Telehealth coordinators work with staff to manage Patients, Providers, Prescriptions and Files


Our services provide innovations in the way health care organizations may render care, while helping you save money and increasing the capabilities of your facility. Fill out the form below or call us, at 561.713.1432 to discuss how we can solve your needs.

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