MHS Laboratories

MHS Laboratories is a state of the art independent reference laboratory that offers a range of testing to diagnose, screen and/or evaluate diseases and health conditions. MHS Laboratories specializes in Drugs of Abuse and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for substance abuse and mental healthcare.

MHS Laboratories is an independent reference lab accredited by AHCA, CLIA, COLA and API. MHS Laboratories is located in West Palm Beach, FL.

At MHS Laboratories, we offer preliminary reports for urine drug screenings within 24-hours and confirmation of urine results within 48-72 hours. Most blood test results can be available the same day upon receiving.
MHS only uses the most secure, HIPAA approved methods for receiving test results. We currently use a secure web portal and password protected emails.
MHS Laboratories accepts all private insurance plans, both in and out of network including Medicare. We currently offer courier pickup at our local offices. We can also schedule UPS pickup using our SpeedShip account in the customer web portal.

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