Telehealth Services

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Telemedicine & Telepsychiatry Services

In remote health facilities outside of major centers, providing quality precise care for a diverse group of patients is a immediate challenge. With ClickAClinic, health centers now have the ability of offering their patients professional mental health services without investing in new staff or new facilities. We connect our licensed, trained physicians, therapists and mental health professionals via HD HIPAA COMPLIANT Video Software directly from U.S based  doctors, health facilities directly to hospitals, community care centers, treatment centers, or any facility that requires cloud based telemedicine services.

ClickAClinic virtual telehealth services allows your patients to access appropriate care without having to travel. This accessibility translates into less burden on your staff, while also decreasing expensive overhead.

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Why ClickAClinic?

You want to bring quality medical and psychiatric care, non – emergency, med – management and therapy care services to your patients without overhead, and ClickAClinic makes it simple and inexpensive. We’re the leading provider of telemedicine services in Florida, being one of the pioneers of telemedicine services and software, we can always be sure to provide turnkey technology, knowledgeable and professional care. We design custom services and  solutions for any facility.