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  • Telehealth improves a patient’s access to doctors, when they might otherwise face delays or be unable to reach a Physician.
  • Retain patient’s who move out of the area or out of state.
  • The expansion of Telemedicine is now allowing insurance reimbursement for Telehealth for patients.
  • Telehealth can efficiently deliver continuous care and virtual monitoring, at a fraction of the cost of in-person care to patients in remote areas.
  • Our platform works from any mobile device.
  • Increase revenue by treating more patients without adding staff or crowding waiting rooms.
  • Collect co-pays online prior to treatment online utilizing our platform.
  • Our applications empower patients to play an active role in their Healthcare.
  • Home monitoring of chronic diseases is reducing hospital visits by as much as 50%, by keeping patients stable through daily monitoring.


The Dashboard is the homepage for all users; (center admin, provider and patient) it allows the user to see a quick snapshot of the portal and shows pertinent information such as upcoming appointments and new private messages.

  • Customizable White Labeling
  • Secure, 256 bit encrypted
  • 100% Cloud Based Platform
  • State of the art Virtual Medical Visit Video Conferencing
  • Accreditation and Compliancy: HIPAA, ACHA, DEA, ATA, OSHA





The Appointments Tab is composed of two parts. The Schedule Tab is an interactive, dynamic calendar that allows all three types of users to schedule appointments in real time. The My Appointments tab shows an overview of all appointments in order to provide customizable dates.

  • Dynamic Scheduling
  • Create appointments with just 2 clicks
  • Increase operational and collection efficiency within your practice




The Documents Tab allows users to upload documents such as medical records, Questionnaires, and Lab work. The provider can set the documents to be seen by both Patient and Provider or only the provider.

  • Securely store unlimited documents
  • Categorize your files for easy access
  • Increase efficiency within your practice


The Patients Tab displays basic demographics for each patient, and allows access to more detailed patient information, as well as the ability to schedule appointments.

  • Receive non-emergency medical care from the comfort of your home
  • No waiting in line at the doctor’s office
  • No lost appointments



The Providers Tab displays all of the health care providers listed in the portal. This allows the center admin to manage the accounts, as well as provide information on specific providers.

  • Increase revenue by rendering care online
  • Video Consultations from your office, home, or anywhere in the world
  • Reduce the time and expenses of having your patients travel to your location
  • Save time and staff by reducing unnecessary office visits


EPCS - e-Scribing or Natural Products Portal

The Electronic Medical Record Platform is built into the portal and allows providers to enter detailed data on the patient, and is EPCS capable. The patients’ prescriptions are electronically and securely sent to the pharmacy, providing ease and efficiency for all users.

  • Achieve more efficient prescribing practices for Controlled Substances
  • Improve provider productivity by enabling one workflow for all prescriptions
  • Use a more secure form of Controlled Substance prescribing
  • Help prevent prescription drug abuse and misuse
  • Scheduled medications capability and certification from the DEA/ EPCS agency


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