How It Works

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More Than Just a Software Company, We’re Also An AHCA Licensed Clinic in Florida.

ClickAClinic was founded by health care professionals to provide a cloud based, online telehealth platform. We connect patients with their Therapist, Doctor or Health Care Specialist anywhere they have a broadband connection. Our integrated website and HIPAA compliant Electronic Medical Records run on ultra-secure servers that are maintained and monitored 24 hours a day. We protect your data behind a double firewalled, encrypted, cloud-based servers ensuring the utmost assurance of privacy and security.

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    ClickAClinic’s electronic medical record system is a powerful, HIPAA compliant feature that centralizes and simplifies your health care management. Before consulting with a physician, our users complete a comprehensive medical history profile, the same as you would before seeing a physician for the first time. Users have access to medical records, including all consultations and notes and the records can be forwarded to a primary care physician.

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    We give you access to your providers availability and let you schedule a consultation at your convenience. One of the unique aspects of our site is that you may choose either a ClickAClinic provider or you may send an invitation to your own doctor or mental health professional to schedule an online consultation.

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    All you have to do is login in to our site five minutes before video consultation; we take care of the rest. Receive your consultation and treatment plan from your provider in a private secure setting. If prescriptions are necessary, they can be e-prescribed to a local pharmacy for pick up.