ClickAClinic Leads Telemedicine Trend In Florida

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While the global health care industry quickly moves toward telemedicine, ClickAClinic leads the charge in Florida as the first and only licensed telemedicine consulting service WEST PALM BEACH, FL, March 2, 2015 –

Leading the rising telemedicine trend, ClickAClinic is the first and only licensed telemedicine platform to be approved as a clinic in the state of Florida. The HIPAA-compliant, Cloud-based video technology offers an effective way to provide high-quality, low cost medical care to home-based seniors, rural communities and patients who want to avoid disease ridden waiting rooms and late-night visits to the ER. ( Licensed by the State of Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration, ClickAClinic’s proprietary video technology is what differentiates it from other telemedicine providers. Other telemedicine providers engage in the controversial practice of relying on telephone consultations instead of video to enable a physician to make a diagnosis or issue a prescription. “ClickAClinic sets a higher, safer standard for telemedicine, which is why it is the only licensed telemedicine consulting service in Florida,” said Dr. Lawrence Bentvena, CEO of ClickAClinic. “We look forward to the Florida legislature enacting guidelines that will help ensure safe practices in this ever changing and rapidly growing industry.”

Dr. Bentvena is actively working to help pass a Florida Senate bill for wider use of telemedicine, which is currently up for consideration during the legislative session that began March 3. The bill, sponsored by Senate Health Policy Chair Aaron Bean, a Fernandina Beach Republican, and Minority Leader Arthenia Joyner, a Democrat from Tampa, would require telemedicine consultations by certified health care providers to follow the same standards of care as required for in-person visits. The bill allows nonphysician caregivers to provide services and requires documentation of the services in the patient’s medical records. Meanwhile, ClickAClinic continues to boom in South Florida. “Our network of board certified, highly trained medical physicians continues to grow at rapid speed,” said Bram Kane, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ClickAClinic. “We’ve become one of the most trusted and sought after telemedicine platforms on the market today. We are licensed. Patients and providers trust us.”

ABOUT US: ClickAClinic is a Cloud-based telemedicine platform that transmits medical information and health care services between a provider and patient in a safe, secure and HIPAA-compliant virtual environment via the Internet. Founded by South Florida doctor and healthcare entrepreneur, Dr. Lawrence Bentvena, ClickAClinic is Florida’s first and only licensed telemedicine consulting service.

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