Telemedicine & Chronic Care

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Telemedicine & Chronic Care Management

Earn approximately $43 per month coordinating Medicare patients with two or more (CCM) Conditions.


The Best Tool For The NEW Chronic Care Management

Incorporate volume based and value based care with Powered By ClickAClinic. We have experience and can assist you with the sufficient knowledge on how to provide the right reimbursements. Taking care of patients with multiple serious conditions demands significant resources. These patients require an increased level of maintenance which providers not necessarily always fully reimbursed for. Thankfully, there’s some good news- the new Medicare Chronic Care Management Program. Services are now able to receive additional reimbursement for providing ongoing care to patients suffering from two or more chronic conditions.

  • Figure patients with fee-for-service Medicare reimbursement with two or more Chronic Conditions
  • Obtain patient’s permission to provide them ongoing care.
  • Store pateint’s consent with their medical records.
  • Ensure your patient has signed a treatment assignment.
  • Provide at least 20 minutes of CCM services
  • Offer patient-centric medical services.
  • Patient Convenience: Without being inconvenienced by an in-office visit, the patient is fully engaged in their health care and receives real-time feedback.
  • Logged Care: Telemedicine visits create a secure log of the patient-provider appointment, making reporting easy.
  • Mid Level Practitioners Can HelpThe work load on the doctor doesn’t have to increase – Physician Assistants, ARNP’s and Nurse Practitioners may conduct telemedicine consults also.