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ClickAClinic® Telehealth – Telemedicine & Telepsychiatry Services for Health Systems

Clickaclinic.Com Inc® (CAC) provides Telemedicine medical care to Florida resident patients via the PBC HIPAA compliant proprietary TM platform, and have done so since 2014, when we became the very first medically licensed Telemedicine software company anywhere in the country. Our employed Florida doctors and various other allied healthcare providers render medical care under our Florida AHCA Clinic License, utilizing the proprietary Powered By ClickAClinic®, Inc. (PBC) Telemedicine Software Solution Technology. Our sister company PBC, also offers our commercial healthcare entity customers access to our PBC national provider network with providers of every variety in every state in the country. We provide some of the highest quality 100% Cloud Based Telemedicine Software available to medical providers.


How Does Telepsychiatry Work?

We Join Your Team

We Work With Your Team

From a health care organization’s perspective, providing care to your clients via telemedicine is also very similar to providing in-person care. Our physicians become a part of your medical team, and we can easily integrate into your existing systems.

We Work in Your Systems

We Work in Your Systems

Our design is simple and built around your needs. We work in your scheduling system, with your EMR, and become members of your team.

You Extend More Care

You Extend More Care

We provide your organization with the ability to easily expand your psychiatric services while maintaining a high level of consistency and quality of care.




New Telehealth Program

27 December, 2016 - 2:00:51

Building on its highly successful telestroke program, St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson, Miss.…READ MORE


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